Past Projects

Charlottesville Sidewalk Mapping

  • Looking to help Charlottesville create better routing for people in wheelchairs, or other pedestrians getting around town with mobility issues?  Help us map sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks, and stairs around town to help facilitate creating open-source tools like

The Shop

à la carte web design and database consulting

  • The Shop is a pro bono IT consulting and problem-solving service for nonprofit organizations in Charlottesville and Central Virginia. We assign small groups of volunteers to work directly with someone at a nonprofit to solve a specific issue with tech, data, or web design.

City Streetlights

  • We applied data wrangling to consolidate various data sources about individual streetlights from Charlottesville and its energy provider, Dominion Energy, into a functional analytic-ready database. We leveraged the information to develop a user-friendly web application from which residents can readily obtain information about streetlight specifications such as light emission quality, bulb replacement history, and energy consumption.

Charlottesville Housing Hub

  • We developed a full stack web application that helps local residents search for housing, landlords, or real estate agents.