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Calling Community Leaders:

Let's work together on a project involving tech, data, and design to benefit your non-profit or governmental organization

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Cville DAO for locally crafted NFTs

Sept 10th DAO development Currently we have two polygon-based DAOs on the set up codeforcvillemembership.aragonid.eth & codeforcvillereputation.aragonid.eth on client.… more

Fintech Credit Score Management

Premise What if buying groceries with food stamps could improve credit scores?  It should.  When financially privileged people purchase with credit cards and incur debt - and repay it regularly -… more

Open LiDAR Database for Accessibility

Upload 3d content (must be registered) Review content 3d scanning has been available as a consumer technology for over two decades, however the field is still considered niche.  There are few… more

Charlottesville sidewalk mapping

Looking to help Charlottesville create better routing for people in wheelchairs, or other pedestrians getting around town with mobility issues?  Help us map sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks, and stairs… more

LAJC Expungement Project

In late 2020, we partnered with the Legal Aid Justice Center (LAJC)

City Streetlights

Streetlights have a profound impact on the vitality of a city. Good street lighting reduces crime, increases night-time economic activity, and prevents auto accidents.

The Shop - a la carte website and database consulting

Charlottesville and Central Virginia has an excellent network of nonprofit organizations doing important work for our communities. The impact of these organizations cannot be overstated.

Charlottesville Housing Hub

Search for housing, landlords, or agents