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Cville DAO for locally crafted NFTs

Looking at

here's a 45 minute walkthrough with Dustin Wallace - the lead of the blockchain club at UC Berkley walking us through the process


The goal of our DAO is to test the features of Aragon's new release on the polygon network. 

Wins = we can add finances to the system, vote on the disbursement of funds, and i can see where we might upload a contract to allocate funds to a proposal and those contracts could be enacted through vote.  

The biggest headache for most people is getting MATIC funding to start with.  

Recommend we get a fund going in MATIC to onboard members with.  Anticipate relatively high costs - probably around $30 to complete a transaction from somewhere like coinbase, perhaps closer to $7-$10 from binance?

Issues we've run in to so far have included some slow loading times, and occasionally timeouts.  


Sept 10th DAO development

Currently we have two polygon-based DAOs on the set up codeforcvillemembership.aragonid.eth & codeforcvillereputation.aragonid.eth on development platform - we tested the membership and reputation templates and have set up a gnosis safe to connect in as a member in both groups.  Get on Code for Cville Slack to discuss connecting your wallet and being added to the groups

September 7th build a DAO with Aragon Client - 8-9PM EST

recording of meeting with and ambassador Dustin Wallace

Meeting highlights:

Jason Stajduhar has working boilerplate in jupyter for Visa API is borky a bit on polygon, but we're going to try again - worked with Gnosis Safe and planning a membership template from

video walks through stages of getting a DAO started and linking to gnosis for erc721 nft access

Also realized at the end of the meeting that all of the templates can be freely tested on the rinkby ethereum test net... so no need to worry about anything if you just want to poke around


Imagine going to the bank for a loan.  Collateral?  You've been collecting local Non Fungible Token (NFT) music for decades, buying NFT tickets to shows, NFT songs, and associated NFT collectible artwork - your collection supported the next Beyonce and now these digital assets  have grown in value.  Your wise investment in the arts gets your loan approved. 

The world of NFTs is vast and rapidly changing.  The Center for Civic Innovation has taken a leadership role connecting local artist groups with local tech team Code for Cville (now joined by Code for Greensboro and Code for St Louis) in an effort to explore an open source approach to this process with the emerging artist as our envisioned stakeholder

Opportunity spaces:

For the emerging artist: an opportunity for emerging musicians, for instance, to sell "stock" in a song and offer the benefits of art investment to a broader range of consumers.  

For the fan: an opportunity to go from consumer to investor, directly supporting artists and making potentially lucrative investments in their potential 

For the music industry: record labels often have back catalog that are under-utilized 

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations DAOs = Real Lean MGMT

Putting products in blockchain doesn’t obviate the need for management.  Fortunately there are tools designed to assist diverse groups collaborate and efficiently manage business process.  

DAOs are online communities built with the tools to manage NFTs, crypto currency transactions, and other asset management decisions.  DAOs are created so that stakeholders may transparently govern projects - vote on compensation to registered artists, create a dedicated emerging artist fund, or a performance art fund, etc... DAOs would be able to create contracts to monetize NFTs, and even distribute revenue proportionately between artists and fans.

Charlottesville DAO Radio Concept

Consider project like which has an open source decentralized storage ( radio station tool that is built to leverage the unique value of NFTs.

Sell access to the radio station to local businesses and community members. Content is added by a governing body of voting members as are disbursement of funds etc...


Project notes

Meeting with Adam Stallard & BrightID - 2021-10-07 Review - skip to second video
Next meeting = Sept 21, 8-9PM EST - 2021-09-19 1) Review status of visa api work

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