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Fintech Credit Score Management


What if buying groceries with food stamps could improve credit scores?  It should.  When financially privileged people purchase with credit cards and incur debt - and repay it regularly - they not only are able to buy their groceries, but they get a credit score bump as well.

People who shop for food with EBT cards (formerly known as food stamps) do not get these benefits, and are in many ways punished for being poor.  

Working with financial technology and our local non-profit community we are working to improve the value of giving.


  • Piedmont Housing Alliance's - Financial Opportunity Center is our boots-on-the-ground stakeholder. Low credit scores may significantly impede people looking for housing, and PHA will help us identify community members who may best benefit with this program.
  • Center for Civic Innovation - Charlottesville's smart-city advocate is providing pilot funding and guidance through their Fellowship program
  • UVa Credit Union - Our local non-profit financial center.  We are planning to buy our pilot secured credit cards here, as well as discussing educational support opportunities
  • The Local Food Hub - Our first food vendor! 
  • Code for Cville - Tech support, development, and documentation


  1. PHA helps select participants
  2. CCI registers a Visa secure credit card from the UVa Credit Union in the name of the participant.  
  3. Participants earn money by taking classes on how credit and banking work or other determined opportunities
  4. Participants spend money on products (like groceries) at The Local Food Hub (or other white-listed vendors)


  • Develop an open source solution using the Visa API. 
    • Have alternatives to giving participants physical credit cards. 
    • Considering biometric solutions that would allow participants to work with vendors and enable "snap a selfie" sales 
  • Begin considering USDC stablecoin integrations
    • Visa accepts USDC and this would allow participants to enjoy higher fixed APY 
  • Evaluate Credit Bureau APIs (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion) to improve reporting and evaluation
  • Begin looking at dashboard tools for participants



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